Candles4planet are handmade eco-friendly candles with positive impact.

Every candle plants trees, cleans plastic from waterways or provides drinking water for people in need.
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Cleaning Ocean

River Cleanup is creating a positive ripple effect by encouraging volunteer local river cleanups in Europe.

River Cleanup is also using simple technologies like trash booms and river skimmers to clean the most polluted rivers in Indonesia, Albania and Cameroon. This is done with a mix of local workforce and volunteers.

The trash goes through a local recycling process with the aim of recycling as much as possible.

Our support for River Cleanup is allocated to the cleaning activities happening on the Citarum river (Indonesia), Ishem river (Albania) and Wouri river (Cameroon). These locations have been chosen strategically to create maximum impact for the health of the oceans.

For example through Ishem river flows yearly over 700 000 kg of trash to the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas. This is where we want to make a difference.

We at Candles4planet are excited to support River Cleanup. River Cleanup is education driven solution-oriented organisation with ambition. We want to be a part of a healthier planet and bring this choice all the way to the consumers.

Let’s educate each other and let our consuming decisions show our values.

Our first milestone is to clean 200 kg of plastic. Let’s do this!

Now it’s your turn, check our Ocean collection below and join the mission!

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