Candles4planet are handmade eco-friendly candles with positive impact.

Every candle plants trees, cleans plastic from waterways or provides drinking water for people in need.
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Our Mission

The motivation behind Candles4planet is to unite people to create bigger positive impact than could be done individually

We are

Silvia and Elias, a nature loving couple behind Candle4planet.

We love spending time outdoors while enjoying the calmness and relaxation the nature provides. Our inspiration for candle making also comes from nature. The calmness and relaxation is something that connects the moment in the nature and the moment in front of a candle.

We believe that many people would choose their consuming differently if they had an option to help by their choice. With your help, our candles can bring happiness to more than one person.

How we help?

Thanks to the collaboration with non-profit organisations every item from our candle shop supports specific environmental projects; planting trees, cleaning plastic from waterways and providing safe water for people in need.

Organisations we collaborate with:

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Our first milestones

4 000 trees planted

200 kg of plastic cleaned

700 000 l of water provided