Candles4planet are handmade eco-friendly candles with positive impact.

Every candle plants trees, cleans plastic from waterways or provides drinking water for people in need.
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Providing Water

Made Blue foundation is a registered non-profit in the Netherland. Their focus is to provide water to locations where the impact is greatest like countries where government is unable to install and maintain water supply, regions that lack infrastructure or governance and densely populated slums.

Made Blue Foundation is working in locations around Africa and Asia, in countries like Ethiopia, Vietnam, Tanzania and Indonesia.

Made Blue Foundation trains the people from the local communities to carry out maintenance, repairs and also helps in possible future expansions of the projects.

We are supporting Made Blue foundations project in Ethiopia that is providing safe water for 20 schools and their surrounding communities. This enhances health, education and work possibilities for over 35 000 people currently suffering from the lack of basic needs.

Every water project has guaranteed operation and maintenance for at least 10 years to come.

The Water Project, Inc. is a non-profit organisation that provides reliable water projects to communities who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation.

The Water Project is working in Sub-Saharan Africa in countries like Kenya, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

The Water Project provides clean water to schools, medical clinics and villages. In addition to this the community education is a key aspect to create holistic benefits to the whole project community.

To ensure that positive impact lasts, all the projects are monitored to make sure they are functioning properly.

We are excited to collaborate with Made Blue Foundation and The Water Project.

These efficient solution-orientated organisations with inspiring values and holistic approach are addressing the clean water crisis globally.

People collection candle provides 3300 litres of safe water and funds additional water projects; supporting these organisations in their invaluable efforts.

Our first milestone is to provide 700 000 litres of safe water to people who need it the most.

Let’s make it happen, check our collection