Candles4planet are handmade eco-friendly candles with positive impact.

Every candle plants trees, cleans plastic from waterways or provides drinking water for people in need.
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Scentless eco friendly candles

Loving nature and eco friendly candles, but sensitive to scents?

Luckily, our eco candles come also without scent

Enjoy yourself or surprise a loved one with a candle gift that is suitable for everyone <3

  • Carbon neutral shippingCarbon neutral shipping
  • Plastic-freePlastic-free
  • Recycled packagingRecycled packaging
  • Positive impact:Positive impact:  15 trees planted


  • Eco friendly candle made from vegetable waxes
  • Crackling maple wooden wick
  • 260 grams (net weight)
  • Burn time: 25-35 hours
  • Handmade into a coconut shell
  • Non-toxic (lead, paraben, plastic, syntethic dyes and pthalate -free)


What makes our candles eco-friendly? 

Sustainably sourced materials

Candle vessel is a reused coconut shell. Coconuts are cultivated for their white meat and milk. After use, the shells end up in landfills. We give a new life to these shells by re-using them as our candle containers. This process also provides a sustainable livelihood to local artisans in Vietnam who collect and polish the shells before sending them to us.

Our coconut shells arrive by sea freight, which is slow but the most eco friendly transport currently available.

The candles are made from sunflower and rapeseed vegetable waxes. We source our waxes as well as maple wooden wicks from Europe, to minimize the environmental impact of these most often needed ingredients.

To further strengthen the sustainability of our candles, we have funded tree planting projects to offset all transportation co2 emissions, all the way from our suppliers to us. Furthermore, we only provide co2-neutral shipping, making the planet’s health a priority.

Candles travel to you in a 100% recycled plastic-free box.

Furthermore, from each sale of this scentless Forest collection candle, 15 trees get planted.

For these reasons, we dare to say that Candles4planet creates not only sustainable, but also the best eco-friendly candles.

We hope you enjoy this candle as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you <3

Care and Safety

Candle care:

  • first burn, allow candle to burn until the wax is melted to approx. 1 cm from the edges of the coconut shell (3-4h)
  • trim the wick before lighting by removing burned wood (to prevent soot, optimal wick size approx. 5mm)
  • when approx. 2cm of wax remain, discontinue using; scoop out the wax to dispose or up-cycle the shell



  • Secure the area: place the candle away from draughts, children, pets and flammable materials
  • Never burn longer than 4 hours at a time
  • Don’t leave burning candle unattended


FREE CO2 neutral delivery to Europe on orders over €65

  • Delivery in 14 business days from order.
  • Price of CO2 neutral delivery is 7€ for orders under 65 €
  • Delivery within Europe


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