Candles4planet are handmade eco-friendly candles with positive impact.

Every candle plants trees, cleans plastic from waterways or provides drinking water for people in need.
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Tea light holder


Unique Tea light holder

Unique Tea light holders handmade from natural coconut shells.
The geometric patterns create a special effect, while illuminating your home.

  • playful and decorative,
  • organic and vegan,
  • no waste, no additives
  • 100% coconut, closed-loop product

This unique tea light holder brings you the play of shadow and light; while adding extra light to our planet, by providing 3300 litres of safe water for people in need

  • Carbon neutral shippingCarbon neutral shipping
  • Plastic-freePlastic-free
  • Recycled packagingRecycled packaging
  • Positive impact:Positive impact: 3300 litres of safe water


Dark windy evening, dimmed lights, tea light holder on the table. You light up a tea light and let the reflection shine in the surroundings. This unusual and satisfying dance of light and shadow, can be yours now.

Candle light shining through a coconut shell that is first crafted by nature then finished with artisan’s hands. There are not two exactly alike, and this is why these are unique tea light holders.

Coconuts are harvested for their white meat and their shells discarded as waste.

Our tea light holder and candle collection gives a new life to this otherwise wasted material.

Your coconut tea light holder is a closed-loop product,

you can discard it back to earth, where it came from, after years of enjoyment.

If nature is close to your heart and you want to bring a piece of it home, then this is the decoration for you – a unique tea light holder.

Each purchase helps the planet by providing 3300 litres of safe water for people in need.

This brings improvements in health and education, with the goal of ending the cycle of poverty millions of people are living in.

Care and Safety

Due to the natural material, tea light holder sizes vary.

Approximate sizes:
Diameter 11-14cm
Height 8-10cm


  • Never leave your tea lights unattended while burning
  • Use safe tea lights, from reputable brand
  • Keep away from drafts and vibrations, place on a flat surface.
  • Never burn your tea light near objects that are flammable
  • Do not leave near pets or children


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